The subject of timber logging can become emotional at times. Unfortunately some media reports are unbalanced and ill informed.

The fact is that all of our timber harvesting is strictly managed, controlled and supervised by the Department of Environment & Climate Change NSW under the strict guidelines of the Private Native Forestry Code of Practice for Northern NSW.

The code of practice we work under ensures that harvesting and haulage operations achieve the highest possible levels of safety while protecting the forest.

Logging licences are authorised by the department after their field officers from Grafton inspect the properties. We also work closely with the landowners.

All of our logging is done on private properties in northern NSW from the Tweed Valley, Casino, Tenterfield down to Bellingen.

We do not harvest in rainforest or koala habitats. Also, because of our selective policy to harvest quality timber, many of the trees we could log are left in place.

Apart from logging for our own mill, we also cut logs for private customers.





Spotted Gum

Yellow Stringy

Red Mahogany

White Mahogany